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Working as a Click Teacher means…

  • Being paid to scale
  • School information and routines before you arrive at a school booking
  • Full control of your profile and visibility
  • No phone calls to book or confirm availability unless you need us
  • A simple booking system
  • To confirm your availability in your own time online
  • A £10 Bonus on each 5-star rated booking
  • Exclusive well-being support
  • Exclusive member discounts
  • CPD support
  • Access to coaching
  • In-school visits upon request
  • Return to teaching support
  • A better school experience. We won’t just work with any school!
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As a Click Teacher school means…

  • Provide school information and routines to your Click Teacher before they arrive at your school without any additional work before the booking for you
  • A simple booking system
  • Know if a teacher is available within seconds of searching
  • Full control of teacher selection
  • Reach out to the teachers you would like to most work with
  • No phone calls to book unless you need us
  • Reward teachers for doing a good job- out of our pocket- not yours
  • Work with teachers who have chosen to have:
    • A commitment to their own professional development
    • Exclusive well-being support
    • Exclusive member discounts
    • CPD support
  • Have in-school visits upon request
  • Use our job board to advertise permanent or long-term positions
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Click Teachers is more than just a platform; it’s an ecosystem built around teachers by teachers. We understand the challenges that educators face in their careers, and our platform is designed to put teachers first. We believe that when teachers thrive, so does the entire education system.

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