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  • Click Teachers is a supply teacher recruitment solution for schools and teachers. We break the traditional agency model.
  • Created as a bespoke service for teachers and schools.
  • Register or contact us today to find out more about the system that has led to 95% of teachers to be rebooked by the same school often leading to long term bookings or permanent roles.
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  • Better pay and paid on time
  • Fully informed
  • Supported
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  • Full control of teacher selection
  • Fill urgent roles quickly and affordably
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Click Teachers is more than just a platform; it’s an ecosystem built around teachers by teachers. We understand the challenges that educators face in their careers, and our platform is designed to put teachers first. We believe that when teachers thrive, so does the entire education system.

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click teachers & schools benefit from

Fair pay from day one and a £10 bonus for maintaining Click Teacher standards

A simple online booking system

Access to school systems prior to attending the booking

Exclusive discounts and well-being support

Bespoke behaviour training prior to advanced bookings

In school visits upon request

Our select partnerships with schools not only provide you with day-to-day supply opportunities but longer term bookings…
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Your easy-to-use app

At Click Teachers, we understand the importance of convenience and empowerment for our educators. That’s why we provide all Click Teachers with their own personal area on our website app, ensuring seamless management of their professional journey.

With our user-friendly website app, teachers can effortlessly handle their availability, working locations, and bookings 24/7. This means no more waiting for office hours or playing phone tag – everything you need is right at your fingertips.

But it doesn’t stop there. We believe in giving our teachers full control over their profiles, allowing them to showcase their unique strengths and expertise. Your profile is your platform to shine, demonstrating why you’re the perfect fit for the roles and schools you aspire to work with.

In addition to managing your professional details, your personal area is stocked with CPD links and a treasure trove of resources designed to support you in your supply teaching journey. We believe in nurturing not just your career, but your well-being too.

As part of our commitment to your holistic growth and fulfillment, all Click Teachers gain access to exclusive discounts, member benefits, digital gym access, well-being support, and much more through our esteemed partners. Because we know that happy educators are more effective educators, we spare no effort in investing in your well-being and professional development.

Join Click Teachers and experience the ease, empowerment, and support you deserve on your teaching journey.

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supply teaching stoke

Build a career as a supply teacher

Did you know that a staggering 55% of teachers are contemplating leaving the education field prematurely? The reasons are clear: heavy workloads, constant monitoring, paperwork overload, burnout, and well-being concerns. At Click Teachers, we recognize these challenges and offer a solution that empowers teachers to build a fulfilling career through supply teaching while addressing the issues they face.

Our platform provides the flexibility that teachers desire, allowing them to take control of their schedules and work on their own terms. Say goodbye to the rigid constraints of traditional teaching roles and hello to a career that fits around your life.

But flexibility alone isn’t enough. We understand the importance of ongoing professional development and support. That’s why we go beyond lip service to ensure our teachers are fully prepared for their assignments with access to school systems and pre booking bespoke training. We maintain the highest standards of learning environments in schools, ensuring that both our teachers thrive.

Our dedication to excellence is evident in our outstanding booking performance. With a remarkable 95% of our teachers completing one booking and being rebooked by schools, it’s clear that our approach works.

Rediscover your passion for teaching with Click Teachers. Join us and fall back in love with education again.

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frequently asked questions

  • How is teacher verification completed?

    • Teacher verification is conducted by our expert partners, PayStream, to ensure a thorough and secure process. This verification is done remotely, allowing Click Teachers to be verified without any inconvenience. Once verified, your Click Teacher profile will go live, and you will no longer need to use the PayStream platform.


  • What if I really like a school and want to go permanent with the school?

    • We do not hinder your opportunity to go permanent with a school you like. Unlike agencies with high finder’s fees, Click Teachers operates differently. If you and the school are the right fit for each other, we support your decision to pursue a permanent position without holding you back.

  • How quickly will I be able to get work?

    • After signing up and completing verification, we strive to get you into work as swiftly as possible. Approximately 85% of our teachers secure work within a week of completing the verification process.

  • How am I paid?

    • Click Teachers are paid on a weekly basis through the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system, providing a reliable and consistent payment method

  • What if I have an issue with something?

    • If you encounter issues in school, our daily review and rating system enable us to follow up on concerns and provide constructive feedback to both Click Teachers and schools, ensuring effective issue resolution.

      We acknowledge that perfection is unattainable. If you have any issues with our system, please contact us directly. You will receive a follow-up phone call where we can listen to your feedback, address concerns, and work towards a prompt resolution. We value your input and are committed to enhancing your experience with Click Teachers.

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