How Does Supply Teaching Work? How Does Supply Teaching Work?

How Does Supply Teaching Work?

Are you intrigued by the prospect of supply teaching but unsure about the ins and outs of how it all works? Look no further! Mark Adamczyk, the CEO and Founder of Click Teachers, gives an insight on the world of supply teaching, answering crucial questions and offering valuable insights to both seasoned educators and those considering a career in teaching.

How Does Supply Teaching Work?

Supply teaching through an agency, such as Click Teachers, is a streamlined process designed to support candidates and schools fill bookings:

  • Candidate Verification: The agency vets potential candidates through profile creation, online interviews, and formal procedures. Click Teachers employs the robust online partner, Paystream, to ensure thorough verification.
  • Availability Confirmation: Once verified, candidates confirm their availability with the agency, a step easily accomplished through Click Teachers’ convenient 24/7 online platform.
  • Booking Process: Schools reach out to agencies to book candidates for various roles. Click Teachers facilitates this process by allowing schools to add booking details, enabling teachers to apply directly or receive invitations based on their availability.
  • Preparation and Feedback: Before a confirmed booking, Click Teachers provides opportunities for candidates to prepare, access school systems, and even offers advanced behavior management training. Feedback loops between schools and candidates ensure continuous improvement for future assignments.
  • Payment: Candidates are paid a week in arrears for the work completed, ensuring fair compensation for their efforts.

Qualifications Required for Supply Teaching

To become a supply teacher and be paid on the Teacher Pay Scale, Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) is required. However, for those without QTS, opportunities exist as cover supervisors, stepping in for short-term unplanned absences without the need for extensive planning or pupil work creation.

Deciding Between Agencies and Direct School Employment

Choosing between working directly with schools or joining an agency is a critical decision. Agencies, like Click Teachers, handle tax and national insurance through PAYE, simplifying financial matters. Working directly with schools means registering as self-employed and managing tax obligations through Self Assessments.

Choosing the Right Agency

Not all teaching agencies are created equal. Mark Adamczyk advises candidates to carefully consider the services offered by each agency. Click Teachers emphasizes fair mark-ups and encourages candidates to explore their options, seek recommendations from fellow supply teachers, and meet with agencies to assess compatibility.

Why Supply Teach?

Supply teaching, as advocated by Click Teachers, offers a host of benefits:

  • Flexibility: Achieve a work-life balance that suits your needs.
  • Variety: Experience different teaching environments and enhance your skills.
  • Career Control: Take charge of your career, whether you’re a seasoned educator or returning after a break.

Click Teachers, driven by a mission to revolutionise supply teaching, has witnessed success stories ranging from qualified teachers rekindling their passion to newcomers gaining invaluable experience for a prosperous career in education.

If your vision aligns with Click Teachers’ mission, explore the world of supply teaching with us. We welcome individuals ready to embark on a journey towards a balanced, fulfilling teaching career. Let Click Teachers support in shaping your teaching aspirations!